About Jerry Jellig

If you want to turn your educational institution around and receive world-class instruction on school leadership, consult Dr. Gerard Jellig today and he’ll put you on the right track to success.

Jerry Jellig is a highly respected educator and administrator, who has left his mark on a number of schools.

Before Jerry Jellig took over as principal of KIPP DC, a part of the National Charter School Network, the school was failing and had the highest suspension rate and lowest achievement data in the network. But since Jerry Jellig’s leadership came into play, the school has shown immense improvement and currently has the lowest suspension rate, highest GPA and best academic data in the National Charter School Network.

Jerry Jellig can also give excellent advice on school budgeting and human resources management. During his turnaround as principal of KIPP DC, Jellig also had complete autonomous control over human resources and budgetary decision making. Under his guidance, the school hired a new leadership team and 17 new staff members who have helped its steady incline.

But Jellig’s experience and success as an educational administrator doesn’t stop there. He also currently serves as the superintendent of the South Brunswick School District in New Jersey. With 9,000 students and 1,300 staff across 12 schools under his direction, Jellig has been able to manage a $150 million budget through two consecutive clean audits. In his first year as superintendent, Jellig was also able to get one of the district’s schools removed from state monitoring because of the progress it had shown thanks to his leadership.

If you’re looking for someone who knows about board room policy, Jellig also brings a ton to the table in that area. Jerry Jellig has written and introduced policy on harassment intimidation and bullying, Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) and social media usage as a board member of the South Brunswick Board of Education.

Dr. Jellig’s advice and knowledge not only is spread through his consulting services, he also teaches collegiate courses that are paving the way for educational leaders like him. Jellig is an adjunct professor in the Mid-Career Doctoral Program in Education Leadership at the University of Pennsylvania, and he also serves as an adjunct professor at Rowan University, teaching multiple master’s-level courses such as “School Law” and School Leadership.”

Jerry Jellig’s professional network extends far and wide, and if he can’t provide you with the direction you need, he surely knows someone who can. With degrees from Providence College, Johns Hopkins University and the University of Pennsylvania, Jerry Jellig has strong relationships at some of the finest educational institutions in the country.