Jerry Jellig Discusses How to Be an Active School Parent

As an educational consultant, Jerry Jellig has often been asked for his thoughts on strategies for keeping young children interested and fulfilled on their educational path. Young students often thrive with a strong an attentive support system, however, parents are often unsure of the best ways to show their support for their child’s school career. In this article, Dr. Gerard Jellig discusses ways that parents can be active participants in their child’s academic success.

Be Active in Parent Teacher Conferences: Parent teacher conferences are an important to shape a parent’s understanding of how their child is performing in class. Dr. Gerard Jellig and other educational experts encourage parents to attend these conferences if possible but recognize that attendance is not the only important factor to getting the best out of conversations with your child’s educators. Showing up with an open mind and a willingness to support both your child and their educator in providing the best possible academic environment is of paramount importance, Jerry Jellig notes. And a parent that is dedicated to attending conferences and having a self-aware and honest conversation with their child’s teacher for the best methods to teach them is extremely valuable.

Show Up to Other School Events: Some parents’ involvement within the school ends at conferences. Dr. Gerard Jellig and other experts within the educational field maintain that being involved with the more minute aspects of your child’s school experience is a great way to ensure that they feel supported. Jerry Jellig also acknowledges the correlation between kids feeling supported an encouraged in their school events and their continued success in class. It may not be possible to attend every school event as a busy parent but showing how important and fun these events can be for your child by attending yourself lets them know that their activities are important to you as well.

Remember That Teaching Doesn’t End After School: As an educational consultant, Dr. Gerard Jellig continuously encourages parents to remember a child’s learning does not stop after school. Students that perform well in class are often able to keep up with their learning track because their parents are active participants in it. Reading to your child, helping them with their homework, or reinforcing your child’s lessons by showing them its real-world application are all great methods to facilitate their interest in learning.

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